Reuniting Kira and Fllay

A cooperative struggle to uncompromisingly demand the reunion of Fllay and Kira

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A cooperative struggle to demand the reunion of Fllay and Kira of Mobile Suit: Gundam SEED!
This community is dedicated to all Mobile Suit Gundam SEED fans who love KiraxFllay and are willing to take direct action to bring it about again.


Fllay Allster was a beautiful, strong-willed and ignorant young woman who was unexpectedly involved in a horrible war, experienced traumatic loss, learned to be truly accepting and and selflessly loving, and was tragically murdered before she could reunite with her one true love.


Fllay was the daughter of a wealthy and influential Blue Cosmos-dominated Atlantic Federation politician. She was spoiled and taught to mistrust Coordinators.

Despite the efforts of Fllay's Coordinator friend, Kira Yamato, her home on the neutral space colony Heliopolis was destroyed and her father was killed by enemy ZAFT forces, initially traumatizing her, further increasing her dislike of Coordinators, and causing her to blame Kira for her loss and subsequently insult, abuse, and hurt him.

So, to get revenge on ZAFT, she joined the Earth Alliance military, inspiring her friends, including Kira, to join as well.

Fllay attempted to manipulate Kira into avenging her father's death by using his existing attraction to her to manipulate him into killing the enemy Coordinators responsible. But she slowly showed a genuine attraction to and affection for him, giving him the love and warmth he needed so much during the turmoil in the desert.

Still mourning and confused, she had trouble reconciling her emerging feelings for Kira with her almost insane desire for revenge (ambivalence).

After believing Kira to be dead and acknowledging herself to be partially responsible for his reckless actions, Fllay realized and acknowledged that she truly loved him, experiencing further depression and even hallucinations.

Though Fllay desperately tried to get back to Kira and though he desperately tried to get her back, they were never reunited.

Tragically, Fllay was killed by a nihilistic psychopath before she could fully apologize to Kira and affirm her true feelings for him.

We believe their romance was unnecessarily tragic!


Sadly, Fllay died before the majority of fans had the change to appreciate her and realize her inherent worth as a dynamic character. Thus associated with her are the misplaced slanders: "slut," "craxy," "brat," "racist," et cetera).

As a result, Kira is often "paired" with the nice, calm, and friendly Lacus Clyne; a symbol of peace and love. Practiced smile, monotonous voice, and uncompromising pacifism be damned! She is annoyingly perfect, unrealistic, boring, and seemingly unaffected by the harsh events surrounding her; the very opposite of the passionate, albeit unstable, and fiery tempered Fllay.


Fllay was not perfect. She was human and flawed, like the rest of us. But it was her imperfection which perfected her as a character.

Kira needed Fllay and Fllay needed Kira. They both had agonies, trauma, and emotions which troubled them, and they both found comfort from each other regarding them. They were a beautiful couple whose very relationship bridged the gap between PLANT and Earth, between Coordinators and Naturals.

Action: Write, e-mail, or call Chiaki Morosawa (the writer), Mitsuoh Fukuda (the director), the offices of Sunrise (the producer), and anyone else you can think of and demand that they bring back Fllay and reunite her with Kira by whatever means posible (as was done with Mwu La Fllaga) in upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam SEED works (movies, series, graphic novels, et cetera). Spread the word to other pro-Fllay(xKira) fans, hitting web communities, character shrines, and forums. Popularize the effort by making KiraxFllay fan videos, fan art, and fan fiction. If they do not give into our demands, boycott Sunrise (by extension, Namco Bandai) products!

If we truly desire for Fllay to come back and rejoin Kira and have fully contemplated and understand its fictional ramifications, then it is the duty and responsibility of Sunrise to acquiesce to our request because, after all, Mobile Suit: Gundam SEED was created for OUR enjoyment (so they could make money, of course).


Final Exhortation: We must reunite Kira and Fllay! Take action now and let's do it together!


1. All new members must read our "mission statement" and the similarly worded "petition" posts to fully understand our mission.

2. Try to be "polite."

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8. After joining, please leave a nice comment in the "member introduction" post to tell us why you like Fllay (anything as long as it is true), describe your anger at her death (be scathing!), or express your support for our efforts.

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